An embryo’s life can be measured in seconds, minutes, hours, days or even months. For some, these sacred moments turn into years and the hope of a little one to love transforms into a miraculous life. For all that are TCC, each embryo, regardless of the time we measure its success against, represents a life that stays with you forever. 

In 2017, Embryo Designs was born after the hope of a new life came to an end for our family. After a long wait we had the hope of a little bundle of cells that would soon become our little person to share life with. Unfortunately, our embryo was only to be measured in weeks, and we were left heartbroken wondering if we will ever hold a baby in our arms. 

Embryo Designs was our opportunity to find colour in the darkest of places. It had been a while since I slowed down enough to feel creative and picking up my brushes became a time of healing.

For me, through the outlet of painting, I could see that there were more than just cells in an image, but a unique life had already begun to form. Any embryo, one of minutes, hours or weeks, deserves to be celebrated, remembered and cherished forever.


There is a colour for everything, even the lives that we never get to see on this planet. Like many who are on the fertility journey, you will have encountered the dark days along with the bright ones.

After 4 rounds of letrozole, 3 egg collections, 6 embryo transfers, laparoscopy and hysteroscopy, along with the miscarriage of our first baby we feel so blessed to be parents to our boy Bailey. Infertility and this community have become a part of me and I feel so privileged to paint your embryos and to be a part of your journey whether it is in celebration or remembrance.

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